The Design Tool

Configure your optimal coolant system and cut part costs by choosing the right pump.

Find the optimal pumps from the design of your coolant system, nozzles, valves and pipes for better efficiency.

  • Enables all users of machining applications to design more efficient coolant systems
  • Four easy steps
  • It takes just a few minutes to see how you can save money

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It's easy!
This video guide shows you how to use the Grundfos Design Tool step by step. See how easy it is to design your optimal coolant system with Grundfos.

Coolant systems consume about 35% of a typical machine tool machine's energy consumption. Pumps used in this application are frequently under-dimensioned, significantly over-dimensioned or simply do not run at the optimum duty point. Thus, they usually operate in a less than cost-effective manner. The Grundfos Design Tool enables professional and optimum configuration of a cooling lubricant supply system in a simple and understandable manner.

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